Immediate In-Office Consults For PCPs and Patients

Imagen’s telespecialist network facilitates a single, comprehensive visit to reduce unnecessary external referrals.

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Specialist Care Is An Integral Part of The Diagnosis & Treatment Process

Imagen’s telespecialists conduct virtual patient and PCP consultations to discuss results, determine treatment, and identify additional testing needs based on the patient’s medical history and in-office diagnostic results.

Whether ad-hoc while the patient is within the office or at a future time convenient for the patient, our specialists’ televisits utilize all available patient data, and the results can be incorporated directly into your EMR.

Imagen’s TeleSpecialist Network Creates a Cohesive and Comprehensive Patient Experience

  • One Visit

    Complete testing, results, and consultation in a single patient visit.

  • Lower Cost of Care

    Avoid unnecessary, high-cost specialist visits, emergency department utilization, and hospital admissions.

  • Fully Manage Care

    Oversee the patient journey, from first contact to treatment, all without chasing paperwork or going between EMR’s.

  • Differentiated Patient Experience

    Offer an incredible patient experience, with timely testing & results, without multiple appointments and unnecessary travel.

  • Peace of Mind

    Give patients confidence by removing the toll of waiting for results and follow-up appointments.

Access Specialists Quickly & Easily Via Imagen's Virtual Care Platform

checkmark Point-of-care access via mobile or desktop devices to specialists for immediate, coordinated patient care.
checkmark HIPAA compliant virtual specialist patient visits ensuring privacy.
checkmark Fully secure, integrated service platform automates specialist access to pertinent patient data, imaging and results.
checkmark Specialist encounter notes and results are integrated directly into your EMR.

Published Studies

At Imagen, we are working to change how diagnostics are delivered. The following are peer-reviewed publications written by us about the current and future state of imaging diagnostics

Imagen’s FDA-cleared AI software, FractureDetect, designed to detect fractures in musculoskeletal radiographs, improves clinicians’ accuracy at diagnosing fractures. Clinical testing showed that both clinicians with extensive training in musculoskeletal imaging and clinicians with limited training in musculoskeletal imaging were significantly more accurate when assisted by FractureDetect.

Imagen’s FDA-cleared AI software, Chest-CAD, designed to detect suspicious regions of interest in chest radiographs, highlighted a region of a chest X-ray that was previously missed during unaided interpretation. This case shows that additional information provided by Imagen’s AI software was able to detect a life threatening finding.

Imagen developed an AI software designed to detect fractures across multiple anatomical areas throughout the musculoskeletal system. A multi-site study showed the AI software, referred to as a deep learning system, accurately identified fractures throughout the adult musculoskeletal system. The results were used in part to support FDA clearance of Imagen’s software (FractureDetect) which now assists clinicians in detecting fractures for the subset of the anatomic regions reported in this paper.

Imagen developed an AI software designed to detect and localize fractures in wrist radiographs. A rigorous clinical study showed that the clinicians utilizing the AI software, referred to as a deep learning model, had a 47% relative reduction in misinterpretations. The significant improvement in diagnosing fractures shows that information provided by Imagen’s AI software can substantially enhance physician accuracy.

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