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Improved patient outcomes through AI-enabled diagnostic imaging services

We support our network of U.S. board-certified radiologists and primary care physicians with our proprietary FDA-cleared Computer Assisted Detection and Diagnosis software.

Our software increases the diagnostic accuracy of our physician users through advanced machine learning methods which analyze the content of medical images and identify, localize, and categorize important findings within them. The software has been rigorously evaluated in clinical testing for the FDA and in the scientific literature, showing significantly improved diagnostic accuracy for every physician user.

Differentiated Development

We are the world’s leading creator of FDA-cleared deep-learning-based Computer Assisted Detection and Diagnosis software. Some of the keys to our success in building safe and effective Artificial Intelligence software are:

The Best Talent

We have built a team consisting of the best experts across medicine, computer vision, clinical research, and engineering that powers our creation of innovative, impactful software

One of the Largest Datasets in the World

Building good AI models requires large, diverse datasets with high-quality labels. Our AI models are made safer through our license to a diverse dataset of tens of millions medical images from across the U.S. and through our large team of highly trained U.S. board-certified radiologist labelers.

Vertical Integration

We are a vertically integrated AI company: we control the end-to-end image acquisition and interpretation process, within which our AI models are strategically deployed. This gives us an unrivaled, powerful ability to ensure the real-world safety and efficacy of our AI models. It also uniquely enables us to partner with our physicians to design custom AI software tailored to meet the needs of their practice.

Rigorous Evaluation and Peer Review

We have conducted some of the largest premarket testing for the FDA of any medical devices in history. We have run rigorous large-scale multi-site evaluations involving tens of thousands of patients, representative of diverse backgrounds and medical findings. We also publish select research of ours in top-tier peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and Nature Digital Medicine.

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