A New Standard
of Care

Imagen enables PCPs to elevate the standard of care for patients through earlier detection, reduced time to diagnosis, and a more convenient experience.

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Transform The Patient Experience

Imagen’s platform uniquely enables more care to be delivered inside of the PCP or at home, making care more convenient, and compressing the time to answers for both the patient and their providers.

With Imagen

Same day, single visit, immediate results.

First Visit

With Imagen Patient Receives:

Standard Practice

Multiple appointments, 6-8 week timeline.


Onsite Diagnostic Testing Services That Meet Your Practice’s Needs

Imaging and diagnostic programs give doctors the tools they need to deliver high-quality patient care.

Diagnostic Bundle


U.S. Board-Certified Specialists

Imagen’s Telespecialist Network offers in-office video consults for PCPs and patients, facilitating a single, comprehensive visit.

Telespecialist Network

Improved Accuracy in Diagnosis

Diagnostic accuracy far above industry averages by combining specialists with proprietary Machine Learning software.

Interpretation & AI

Achieve The Quadruple Aim of Healthcare

Higher Quality

Imagen’s machine learning software reduces physician misses of life-threatening cases.

Lower Cost

Documentation allows for early intervention and ruling out ER visits, which reduce subsequent hospital admissions.

Patient Experience

38% of patients reported having anxiety while waiting for imaging results.

Clinician Experience

EMR integration allows immediate, automatic sync with patient clinical record; more confident diagnoses and improved ability to provide timely care.

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