Premium Quality Imaging Diagnostics as a Service

We partner with primary care practices to provide permanent, on-site diagnostic imaging capabilities and best-in-class interpretations that improve outcomes.  Imagen’s diagnostics as a service platform is customized to meet the unique needs of  your practice so you can deliver exceptional patient experiences, improved care quality, and positive financial outcomes.

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Driving Value Through Early Detection

Imagen’s solutions detect conditions at their earliest stages through regular screening and testing, allowing clinicians to intervene to treat disease early.

  • 73% Reduction of life-threatening clinical misses*
  • 96% Of patients recommend physician practice with Imagen services
  • 48% Increased Aortic Atherosclerosis detection for patients 65+**
*Based on clinical research for Chest-CAD. **Based on retrospective review of 2008 – 2016 dataset of 2+million chest X-ray cases across 1.2 million patients from a provider archive, stratified by patients 65+ years of age. Software not FDA cleared.

See how our diagnostic imaging platform can positively affect your bottom line.

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Making High-Quality Healthcare Accessible To Everyone

We are creating a new standard in primary care, using front line diagnostic testing and first-of-its-kind AI to bring world-class diagnostic care into every doctor’s office.

Our Mission