Powering the future of primary care.

Enabling Primary Care Practices through technology to achieve significantly better clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and financial results.

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Imagen Future of Healthcare

Imagen enables Primary Care providers to become technology-enabled multispecialty practices, allowing providers to transition to value-based contracts.

Our comprehensive platform includes in-office diagnostic testing, diagnostic interpretations powered by proprietary FDA-cleared machine learning software, and virtual specialist consults. These services enable Primary Care providers to achieve healthcare’s quadruple aim of increasing quality, lowering costs, and improving the patient and provider experience.

Empowering practices with diagnostic screening and imaging technology.

Imagen equips PCPs with the capabilities of multispecialty groups – advanced testing, immediate results, and immediate in-office virtual consults – improving patient outcomes through timely, accurate diagnosis, follow-up assessments, and ongoing enhancements to chronic disease management.

  • Imagen Diagnostic Bundle

    Diagnostic Bundle

    Imaging and testing suite (e.g. radiology, cardiology, labs) including equipment, staff, IT, and other infrastructure enable diagnostics to be performed without referring out.
  • Clinical Software Solutions

    Clinical Software Solutions

    Proprietary software makes an accurate, immediate diagnosis on a medical image to support Imagen’s tele-specialists, offer instantaneous results to providers, and manage utilization.
  • Tele-Specialist Platform

    Tele-specialist Platform

    Tele-specialists interpret diagnostic tests and conduct virtual patient / provider consults to determine treatment or additional testing needs based on in-office diagnostics, white-labeled to serve as an extension of the practice.

Powering the future with AI diagnostics

Imagen’s proprietary FDA-cleared machine-learning software analyzes medical images and highlights detected pathology, drastically improving clinicians’ accuracy and resulting diagnoses.

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