Powering the future of primary care.

Onsite, technology-enabled diagnostic solutions that allow primary care practices to maximize clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and financial results.

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Imagen Future of Healthcare

Empowering practices with onsite diagnostic testing and telespecialist visits

Imagen equips PCPs with the capabilities of multispecialty groups. Onsite testing and on-demand virtual specialist consults vastly improve patient outcomes through timely diagnoses, follow-up assessments, and chronic disease management.

Provide a differentiated patient experience, lower the total cost of care, and improve practice economics

  • Imagen Diagnostic Bundle

    Diagnostic Bundle

    Permanent onsite imaging and testing suites.

  • Clinical Software Solutions

    Clinical Software Solutions

    One-click imaging orders within your EMR and proprietary FDA-cleared AI software.

  • Tele Specialist Platform

    Tele-specialist Platform

    Direct access to U.S board-certified specialists for providers and patients.

Powering the future with AI diagnostics

Imagen’s proprietary FDA-cleared AI software analyzes medical images and localizes detected pathology, drastically improving diagnostic accuracy.


We’re building state-of-the-art AI software to make high quality healthcare accessible to everyone.

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