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Perform Diagnostic Testing Within Your Own Workflow

Permanent in-office imaging services enable diagnostic tests to be immediately performed, with ordering and results integrated directly with your own EMR.

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Onsite Diagnostic Testing Services That Meet Your Practice’s Needs

Imagen’s Diagnostic Bundle includes equipment, remote interpretations, staff, accreditation support, EMR integrations, and IT support, allowing for a seamless and compliant integration within your practice’s workflows. Reduced chart chasing and more control of the patient journey mean you can reduce the burden on your staff while providing an improved patient experience.

While we believe that bundled services yield the best results for our clients, we know that every practice is different. Purchase only what you need, as there is no obligation to utilize or purchase every part of the offering.

The Benefits Are Far Reaching

  • Improved Patient Experience

    End-to-end suite of services to revolutionize the patient experience, helping attract and retain patients.

  • Panel Growth & Retention

    Helps PCP practices differentiate themselves to help fuel growth.

  • Increased FFS Revenue Through Ancillary Services

    Expanded breadth of service offerings to improve revenue generation capability.

  • Accurate Diagnosis & Disease Burden Documentation

    Drive value for at-risk providers by accurately diagnosing conditions present in imaging.

  • Higher Star Ratings & Quality

    Drive HEDIS through higher screening compliance and CAHPS through better access and care coordination.

  • Reduced Medical Expenses From Unnecessary Referrals

    Ensures external referrals occur only when they are clinically necessary.

  • Reduced Referral Management Burden

    Hours saved from reduced coordination of outside referrals, chart chasing, and patient scheduling.

Tests Offered

Screening Mammography
Automated Breast Ultrasound
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Bone Densitometry

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